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The potentials of human resources remain raw unless properly developed and managed. The proper and modern educational facilities sharpen the intellectual abilities of human beings to handle the rest of the passive agents of production. It is said that all other factors of production are but passive agents except the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of a country to raise a status of developed state. Pakistan is not an exception. Within Pakistan, Balochistan happens to be the richest of all provinces in terms of its hidden mineral resources but remains poorest in term of its managerial resource and skilled human power. Industrialization is taking place at rapid pace in Pakistan. The provinces of Pakistan are making their best endeavors to accelerate the process of industrializations. The province of Balochistan is being given special attention to exploit the industrial potentials in order to pave the way for the accelerated economic development. But the process of industrial and economic development need the aiding hands of qualified administrators, trained managerial human resource, insight in research scholarship and excellent expertise in areas of planning in public and private sector. In considering the need for effective resource-utilization, efficient resource management, enhancement of administrative capacity and improvement of managerial talents in Balochistan, the University of Balochistan upgraded the Department of Administrative Sciences, (established in 1989) to the status of Institute of Management Sciences in year 2000. In changing and developing society, management sciences play a vital role in the process of planned social change and economic development. The institution of management sciences (IMS) aims at producing personnel with high qualities of character and intellect in order to contribute productivity towards development efforts in a country. With this higher order goal, in view, the following specific objectives are the guiding principles in developing and designing the study programmers of management sciences:- To prepare human resource for managerial careers in public and private sectors. To develop human resource for undertaking research on the basic issues and problems confronting the various sections of economy. To enable human resource to acquire expertise in specialized functional areas of management sciences, including management information systems.

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